About Us

At the heart of SLang – Soluzioni Linguistiche, based in Forlì (Italy), is a combination of a sound language education, ten years’ experience in translation, a particular interest in the publishing industry and audiovisual products, creativity and an entrepreneurial attitude.

A thorough knowledge of our mother tongue (Italian) and fluency in English and Spanish, certified by a master’s degree in Translation from the Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators in Forlì (University of Bologna) allow us to offer professional translation services in the language pairs English-Italian and Spanish-Italian.

Our specialization in screen translation has led us to extend our offer of language solutions to include subtitling and translation/dialogue writing for dubbing film and television products, where language and cultural interpretation as well as reworking skills are fundamental instruments to create a bridge allowing communication between different cultures.

Our watchwords: competence, energy and efficiency. But, above all, respect: respect for the source text, respect for the clients’ needs and deadlines and respect for the professional services we offer.



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Freelancer according to the Italian Law no. 4/2013


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